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Why Choose a Career In Standards?

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, standards are the bedrock of progress. They shape industries, ensure quality, and inspire confidence in products and services worldwide. Joining the standard workforce means becoming a catalyst for positive change, contributing to the creation of standards that define the future. Hear more below!

About Careers in Standards

Founded in 2023 and based in the UK, CareersinStandards.com is led by the Clemark Group and supported by UKConsulting, its members, and other industry stakeholders.

Working with International Standards offers many varied career opportunities, but it is rarely considered in a career path.


A Promising Career Choice

The World of International Standards: A Promising Career Choice

In today’s interconnected global economy, the need for consistency and reliability in products, services, and processes has never been greater. This is where international standards come into play, offering a framework for quality, safety, and efficiency across many industries.

A career in international standards is an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic, high-impact, and rewarding profession. 

Demystifying International Standards: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

In our interconnected world, where products, services, and information cross borders, it’s crucial to have a common language for quality, safety and other aspects. International standards provide just that. These standards serve as the building blocks of global trade and cooperation, facilitating everything from the manufacturing of products to the delivery of services and the exchange of information. 

But what exactly are international standards, and why do they matter? Let’s explore this essential aspect of our modern globalised society.


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